Digital security in the age of outsourcing

Accounting operations outsourcing means outsourcing the time-consuming accounting activities to a third party. It has become the norm these days as it provides increased efficiency within the departments and also across the company. The outsourcing of financial activities, such as payroll processing, accounts receivable and payables, can also lead to cost reductions.

Though, outsourcing of accounting operations is cost-effective, the financial data is also the most sensitive data for the firm. And, for companies that handle the accounting operations, maintaining digital security is the top concern. With an increase in the number of data breaches and hacking activities, the small and medium businesses face the highest risk.

The cyber attacks have become so well-organized that a strong defense strategy is required for ensuring the security of valuable data. But, with the help of Singapore accounting services, you would be able to manage your digital security concerns in the most efficient manner. You would only need to keep in mind the following factors:

Audit the Internal Security Controls:

The stages where the data gets generated, collected and stored should be examined thoroughly so that there are no chances of leaks. With proper internal controls, the authority and access can be clearly monitored. The collation of data should be process-driven and logical, and this can be controlled through firewalls and gateways for database monitoring.

Review the outsourcing agency’s security practices:

Before outsourcing your critical accounting and financial information to the agency, you should review their physical security features, and the data management processes. The access points to the data should be safe and secured, and there should be multiple user-level restrictions. Their data centers should be located in secured places with monitoring systems. Also, they should be following a fool-proof data backup and recovery process.

Zero-Trust Security:

The cyber security involves the combination of technology, processes and people. The various security technologies and tools can only be implemented if the right security personnel are deployed. The idea is to steer clear of the cyber-attacks and keep the data and infrastructure safe and secured.

Now that you are aware of the various digital threats, and security issues, you would realize the importance of partnering with a reliable firm for outsourcing the business operations. In the face of the ever increasing cyber crimes, finding a suitable Singapore accounting services firm should be your main objective


The basic of effectively imparting knowledge takes good communication skills. If you lack in this basic, people may not be able to understand what you mean. Here are a couple of simple methods that you can adopt that does not really push the envelope.


This is something that is so basic to dialogue. When you do not pronounce the word well, especially as a teacher, students end up pronouncing the word wrong. In the English language for instance words sound similar like so with ‘their and there’ but they mean something entirely different. When a teacher mispronounces words in class, students end up mispronouncing the words.


Communication is crucial to keep a dialogue going. That being said it is necessarily to know the difference with assertiveness and being aggressive. Without adopting a supercilious tone, it is easy to communicate with anyone. The objective here is to be confident while speaking and connect directly, without looking down on the other. However, if you have a difference of opinion and need to thrash things out, that is a different story altogether!


It is easy to speak your piece while in conversation with someone, but when you do not let the other person/s speak, this becomes a monologue. Interrupting someone in midsentence is extremely rude and disrespectful. It is essential to be open to what the other person has to say and value another person’s point of view. This keep the conversation going without interruptions and being polite never hurt anyone anyway.

Be Positive

Let’s say you want to learn German in Singapore because of xyz reasons, it is best to join a reliable training institute. A number of companies offer classes depending on your aptitude. Along the way, you are bound to make mistakes, as does everyone. You may even flunk a couple of tests but do not lose sight of your goal, stay the course and be positive. No one can really go for the gold but you, so stick with the plot.


There is nothing wrong with asking someone for feedback. You are bound to be flooded with positive and negative responses. A teacher who understands her/his student will always encourage the student with constructive criticism that will help you along the way to master the language.

Eye contact with the person you are in conversation with is very essential in the art of effective communication. The tone changes when you are distracted.

Things to Know before Hiring Singapore Incorporation Services

Singapore is one of the most developed economy hub in South East Asia attracting many aspirants to establish their business here. The well established infrastructure, availability of resources, peaceful environment, strict law and order and extremely pleasant weather conditions make it the most suitable destination to start your business in a suitable location here. Getting started with the company registration and other formalities can become really easy once you have hired the best Singapore incorporation services provider. If you have not yet found the most convenient option, Intro International can be your one stop company incorporation solution provider with huge experience and most competitive rates.

Essential Requirements for Company Registration in Singapore

If you are looking for company registration in Singapore, here is a short guide to help to know the essential requirements. Any startup company should fulfill the following conditions to comply with the eligibility as per the regulations of the Singapore Companies Act.

  • The company should have at least one shareholder (the maximum number can be up to 50 shareholders)
  • There should be one Company Secretary (citizen or long term resident)
  • One resident director who is a citizen of Singapore
  • Registered office address of the Company in Singapore
  • ACRA approved Company Name
  • Minimum investment capital of Singapore $1with at least one share

For further details on the company registration requirements, please read the article on Singapore incorporation services here.

Why Trust Intro International for Singapore Company Registration

Here are some reasons why choosing Intro International Incorporation services can be wise decision for local and overseas entrepreneurs.

Full Support during Company Registration and Other Legal Formalities

The company incorporation can be very hefty process following a series of legal documents, fulfillment of terms and conditions, and much more. Intro International incorporation services are there to help both local and international clients to complete all these formalities within a stipulated time without any problems. Their services come with guaranteed assistance during different phases of the process with peace of mind.

Cost Effective Company Registration and Advisory

Intro International offers quality services and client support at the best competitive prices. Additionally, they follow well organized and systematic procedure to reduce hassles and costs during the entire process. The advisory team offers ideas and options that can reduce the expenses of their clients in several ways.

Find the Right Vehicle for Effective Business Regulation

The highly experienced professionals offer great advisory to the clients to find the ideal business vehicle that determines the procedure to be followed during ownership transfer, business establishment, exit, imposition of taxation, mandatory rules to follow, paperwork, formalities etc.

Guaranteed High Level Efficiency and Client Satisfaction

Intro International Singapore incorporation services are offered with the guarantee to ensure 100% client support and satisfaction. Utilizing best research tools and systematic procedure, the formalities are completed within the specified time. The certified professionals and legal advisors of the company help to regulate the processes with high-end efficiency.

When registering your company in Singapore, it is essential to find the type of structure you want to follow. One of the most popular choices among new entrepreneurs is the Private Exempt Limited Company model that allows minimal liability on the owners (invested share capital).

Workplace safety training

In order to meet the safety requirements put forward by the ministry of manpower in order to provide a safe working environment with the cooperation of workplace safety and health council, workplace safety training is important. The workplace safety training is part of the Bizsafe level 3 certification that is a part of a 5 level certification program in order to ensure workplace safety among all tiers of the organization. This is important to prevent injuries and mishaps at workplace and improve the morale of the workers as well. Workplace safety training is a multi step process involving different topics.

Preventing slips and falls

According to recent survey, trips and falls have been attributing to the second highest reason among workers to take leave from work. This stresses on the importance of avoiding such circumstances to have a healthy and able workforce. According to the standards that are suppose to be maintained, it is mentioned that the workplaces should be kept clean and orderly as well as maintaining sanitary condition. This includes all the rooms of the workplace including the stairways and storerooms. The floors are supposed to be dry and clean and in case of any wet processes there needs to be drainage present. Workplace cleanliness is an important aspect of the bizSAFE level 3 certifications.

Fire hazards

Fire hazards are major concerns at the workplace, this hazard can wreak the most havoc and destruction at a workplace. In order to eliminate such hazards it is important to not let combustible materials which are unnecessary fro being accumulated. The employees should be responsible and trained to regularly clear out such unwanted materials. The precautionary measures that are involved for fire and safety includes keeping combustible materials in amounts that are only needed for the work and keeping away quick combustive materials from any source of fire.

Dust control

Accumulation of dust can cause different medical conditions which can hamper the working abilities of the employees. An industrial hygienist is supposed to check the air for quality and other dust concerns. The workplace should be regularly vacuumed and washed with water in order to control the dust. Industrial grade vacuums are the preferred are the preferred tools for cleaning because they can clean walls, floors and even machines unlike the ones used for domestic purposes.

Tracking materials

Mats which are made up of cloth or any other sticky type of material should be regularly cleaned and maintained. This prevents he spread of hazardous material to other parts of the workplace.

What Makes An Efficient ERP Strategy Beneficial For Businesses?

Efficient Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems have been around for quite some time now and are highly beneficial for businesses, though it needs considerable amount of efforts, financial resources and time to implement it and use it regularly. However, the incredible advantages offered outweigh the time you spend, efforts you put in and initial cost investment. It’s a common notion that implementation of an efficient ERP solution can enhance the efficiency and give a clear view on growth and productivity. If you’re confused about whether or not you should get one implemented for your business, get to know the benefits it can offer, which can help you make a clear decision.

Improve flexibility, productivity and customer responsiveness

By integrating the core processes of your business into a single application, your business can maximize the process efficiencies across the whole company. ERP goes a long way in enhancing time delivery, increasing productivity, and enhancing customer service through a powerful Customer Relationship Management (CRM). It’s an incredible tool to improve your communication with clients and customers in all process stages.

Enhance analytics

The appropriate ERP can make it faster and easier for your business to generate reports, including everything from expense and income statements to custom reports based on trends and metrics. With quick access to such reports, your team can make the right decisions quickly. You need not depend on your IT staff and wait for them to generate the needed reports.

Better collaboration

ERP strategies have variable features based on the software you are using, though all these systems help you share data and edit it in addition to enhancing access and security. You don’t have to merge data across various sources and systems. Since all the information is compiled, saved, shared and accessed via a single system, you need not worry about the accuracy or security of the data files.

Eliminate inefficiencies and costs

ERP systems can help in standardizing the business processes and can drastically enhance the operations of the company. It helps to manage business relationships with vendors, resulting in lower cost of the purchased goods. Enhanced resource management leads to improved inventory turns and reduces the inefficiency levels.

On the whole, ERP solutions are a great tool of information for medium businesses and large ones in order to achieve the goals. So, it’s a must for all growing businesses.

5 reasons to get ohsas18001 certification

Organizations can grow only if employees carry out uninterrupted work. But if employees are affected by occupational hazards, they may absent themselves and this may affect production. When they are not able to stick delivery schedules due to the absence of employees, companies may lose their reputation. Especially in today’s context when competition is severe in every field, companies cannot afford to have a lackadaisical approach towards this aspect. That is the reason organizations are advised to follow the safety measures suggested by OHSAS 18001 and obtain the certification so their employees are safe and healthy and they do not absent themselves due to occupational hazards.

Organizations should obtain OHSAS 18001 certification for the following reasons.

1. Unless there is a system, organizations may not have a clear idea as to how to go about ensuring the health and safety of their employees. OHSAS 18001 certification provides them with a clear roadmap and acts as a guide so that organizations can readily put in place the safety measures suggested in the system for the benefit of their employees. This will ultimately benefit the organizations also because employees can continue to work without any interruptions.

2. The main focus of the OHSAS 18001 system is on the health and safety of employees working in organizations. Hence, companies that obtain this certification can quickly and easily implement the measures suggested by the system.

3. There is a big difference between the safety measures of OHSAS 18001 and those thought out and implemented by organizations themselves. If organizations opt for obtaining OHSAS 18001 certification, they will benefit immensely because the measures suggested by the system are highly cost-effective. Further, these measures are robust, time-tested and are certain to work effectively.

4. A lot of planning and thought process has gone into the OHSAS 18001 system. Not only that, the system requires organizations to do periodical audits and reviews also. This means organizations can find out the pitfalls in the measures they have put in place and take corrective steps without any delay.

5. Most importantly, companies can grow only if they do hassle-free business. If employees suffer from ill-health or if they are affected by occupational hazards, companies cannot function to their optimum efficiency. By obtaining OHSAS 18001 certification, companies can be certain that they can focus on their business without worrying about the health or safety of their employees.

How Children’s Books Can Help You Learn A New Language

Nowadays, countries do not remain ‘distant’ because they are connected by excellent communication channels. But whether businesses communicate effectively with their clients depends upon the language they use for this purpose. Singapore based companies have understood this point very well and that is why they encourage their employees to learn a new language and more specifically, Mandarin, because these companies aim to utilize the fullest potential of the huge Chinese market.

Learning with children’s books

If you, as an employee of a Singapore-based company, want to learn Mandarin, you can make use of children’s books in addition to enrolling yourself in Mandarin classes in Singapore , to learn this new language quickly. Let us see how.

Experts suggest immersion techniques for learning a new language. But in addition to them, you, as a beginner, can use children’s books also for achieving your aim. Though experts suggest you should read novels or short stories, they may be very difficult for a beginner like you. You may be discouraged by their complexity also. On the contrary, children’s Picture Books in Dual Language, will teach you new words. Since they are fun to read, you may tend to read them again and again.

You will never get bored with children’s picture books. Not only that, you will get lots of them because every country comes out with hundreds or even thousands of such books to impart reading habit in children. This means you will have a perennial source for learning new words. When you see pictures and at the same time, learn new words, you will be able to retain the words more easily. You will become a better language learner with the help of these books.

Contextual learning

Since you will be viewing the pictures and also be reading the books, it will engage more than one sensory organ, which means this strategy will be better than using normal methods for learning the language. Further, these books will impart the required knowledge in you through a process called “Contextual Learning.” You will unconsciously make use of word associations and recollection triggers when you read these books.

As a beginner, you will find the words in these children’s pictures simple and so, you can remain motivated throughout the process of your learning. Once you gain confidence, you can transition to more complex words.

So, apart from joining Mandarin classes in Singapore, if you follow this strategy of using children’s picture books, you will amazingly learn the language very quickly. You can now help your company penetrate aggressively the Chinese market that is waiting to be exploited.

Tips to Eat Right at a Buffet

Buffets and executive set lunch in Singapore are great places to savour the foods. Who doesn’t like an unlimited supply of a wide variety of meal? As good as it gets with buffets, there will be certain times when you go out of your way to put everything on the plate and end up on a little contrition. Yes, eating too much at a buffet will cause problems in the long run and may turn out to be not quite the joy you hoped for. Save yourself from the disgrace and follow these tips to eat right at a buffet for the right kind of culinary pleasure.

Avoid oversized dinnerware

It is one of the easiest ways to avoid binging at a buffet. Avoiding oversized dinner plates or glasses will surely not give you the amount of surface area required to over serve in the first place. Almost all buffets provide dinnerware in varying shapes, for the reason that there are people of all ages who comes to a buffet. Your job is to find the dinnerware of just about sufficient size to accommodate only the foods that you love to eat and in right amounts. Cut down on that real estate and see the magic for yourself.

Be attentive

Having the right amount of attention is the best moral way to rescue yourself from the exploding yourself on the buffet. Pay attention to what you’ve been eating and how much of it have you had. Sooner, you realize that the time has come to drop the plates in the bin and move on for a drink. Trust that instinct, and dare any distraction that comes in that way. Attentiveness will also help you to take your time to eat, because there are other things to be attentive about in a buffet situation, such as conversation. Has socializing ever granted this level of economical sanctions before?

Fill up and stay away

There are particular food bars in any buffet that you don’t want to miss. Make a beeline for that food bar and fill your plate up quite nicely. Once you are done filling, your job is to stay away from that very bar that brought you to the buffet, because you know what mission you are on. The more distance you keep from your favorite items, the more things will be to stop your way to it.

Working Model of ISO 9001

Quality management systems are essential for an organization to function efficiently and meet the legal standards prescribed. ISO 9001:2015 is a base for evaluating the QMS system in an organization. The ISO works in a certain organized manner which helps it in efficiently evaluating and making changes to meet the requirements. The ISO 9001 utilizes a plan-do-check-act model to improve individual processes which helps in improving the overall system.

The PDCA approach aims at improving the individual processes by applying each of its steps to it. Let’s take an example of the phone service used in an organization. You plan to have a phone service with no disruptions and dropped calls, the do phase is when you actually start using the service. After the do phase the check phase looks for any problems in the phones service used, if found any the act phase acts on those errors to rectify it by changing the carrier or asking for customer service.

The Plan-do-check-act model is a very effective model in improving the system as a whole


The planning of the QMS involves all the initial documents, which includes how the different processes will be controlled, management of documents and records, customer understanding and service, human resource management, etc. It is then followed by understanding the customer needs which is followed by the policy and objectives to meet the standards required. Also it involves plans to achieve the set targets and objectives by managing the resources available to the organization.


A plan becomes a successful one when you act upon it. This stage involves executing everything from the planning stage. The entire requirements, suppliers, raw material and their quality are determined and chosen. After all this is sorted out the production of the service or product begins. Then setting up of monitoring system to actively check on the quality of the products and services are placed and the process for non conforming products is also determined.


All the requirements and standards set in the planning stage is crosschecked with the finished products and processes. This involves checking the products and services for its quality standard and also each process involved for its efficiency and effectiveness, in which case, also check this out.


After checking for any flaws in the products or processes necessary actions are taken to improve the processes and if required measures to improve the quality of the product and services are also taken.

Elevate Your Business With Enterprise Resource Planning Solutions

ERP is helping companies take their operations to all new levels of efficiency and overall success. With SAP implementation , you can get a clear view of every aspect of you operations and can start making decisions on behalf of your organization that are entirely data driven. This is how growing companies bolster themselves against future challenges, make excellent use of their existing resources.

When it comes to tracking the efficacy of your efforts in any area, analytics are key. These can help you make highly informed decisions whether you are planning to invest in new business equipment, take on new employees, change directions or alter your operations. Good data will make it possible to intuit the possible outcomes of each choice and determine which course of action is guaranteed to provide the best returns.

It is also important to constantly maintain a clear view of your supply chain. Tightening your supply change is one of the fastest and most effective ways to improve your profit potential without having to find and convert new prospects. You can limit your overhead costs by finding new ways to handle important duties in-house with the aid of the trained talent that you already have one hand rather than paying to outsource these duties instead.

Even your quality control efforts can be dramatically enhanced by these systems. This is particularly true when various areas of your operations have been outsourced. From end to end, you can make sure that your customers are getting exactly what they expect and that quality remains a top priority. This is how ERP has helped companies to significantly improve both their output and their overall customer services and support. With consistently happy customers, it will be possible to build and maintain a robust customer base.

Another benefit of these efforts is the ability to improve the efficacy of your current customer relationship management campaigns. Good CRM is wholly reliant upon the collection, maintenance an analysis of relevant, up to date and accurate information. With increased data accuracy and accessibility, you can know more about the people who are supporting your business and can build significantly better relationships with these individuals.

Maintaining compliance with the regulations that govern your industry will be easier as well. These efforts become increasingly challenging as businesses expand and new team members acquired. With ERP, you can know exactly how each department is handling these affairs and can avoid costly penalties and fines.